The first annual meeting of the Iowa/Illinois Quilt History Study Group in Kalona, Iowa was held at the Grout Church in the historical village on Saturday, August 2, 2003 at 9:30 a.m. Attendees are asked to bring a favorite quilt or quilt history artifact (quilt kits, quilt paper artifacts, and etal.) to share with the group. The event was hosted by Cathy Litwinow:, Marilyn Woodin:, and Sue Wildemuth: If you would like to attend the next meeting, please RSVP to any of above addresses.

Here are some pictures of the meeting.  They are thumbnails - click on them to see them close up

This unfinished quilt top is an example of a "repeating unit" design by Hurbert Ver Mehren called Roses of Piccardy. Portions of six circles are pieced together around a center so that the circles appear to be overlapping. This flower section is then pieced into background sections that finish into a hexagon.


Postage Stamp Tied Quilt

Quilted Pillow Top

Pink and White DWR

family_bow_tie.jpg (56291 bytes)

Bow Tie Quilt made with shirtings and prints - a family quilt.

Crazy Quilt with Wildlife Embroidery

centercrazy.jpg (85635 bytes)

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