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Second Meeting of the IA/IL Quilt Study Group met in Kalona, IA. Feb 7,2004. Quilt Historians found a warm welcome in the Kalona Quilt and Textile Museum (a part of the Kalona Historical Village). Marilyn Woodin greeted the scholars with the history of the village, donut holes from the bakery and a goodie bag with fat quarters from Willow Creek and coupons for other stores! What treasures were pulled from suitcases and pillowcases. 

Donna Furrow started show and tell with her $2. 98 Lee Ward's Lamb Kit quilt (45 cents for thread) made in 1964-65 for her son The applique was done using her first zigzag sewing machine. A quilt from Miles, IA in stripy embroidered panels was set with a fleshy/yellow fabric of 2 different dye lots. It was thought that the quilt was of the architectural prairie school design of the 1920's. The finish edge had turned in edges with a hand buttonhole edging. An embroidered chin guard finished the piece. An auction quilt with a six pointed star-some blocks set on feed sacks was quilted with utility red quilting from a Manchester,IA estate. 

Barb Eckoff shared a stripy palm trees and flying geese- some ghost blocks (color has evaporated) Lafayette blue helped to date the 1840 quilt. The second quilt she shared (block was titled Montana) was from "Hearth and Home" magazine which published The United States Patchwork Pattern Book in the 1890s (reprinted in 1970 by Dover). The quilt had a wonderful plaid backing. 

Barb also shared a a lovely-embroidered basket quilt, pink and yellow Japanese Lantern, and a Joseph's Coat quilts with patterns designed either by Hubert Ver Mehren or Nancy Cabot .

Susan Price Miller showed a stuffed Barn Raising Log Cabin-the strips were stuffed, folded and then stitched down on a foundation made a wonderful study. Her second quilt was one that she saw ten years ago wrapped around furniture-she followed the truck and got the name- a sister of the movee later gave the quilt to Susan since the family was going to throw away this 4 block Carlie Sexton Rose of Sharon. The center of the blocks was almost a Caesar's Crown ring with the ring repeated in the center. 

Linda and Erin Carlson came with Pat Huff bringing "Great Aunt Crazy Katie's Grandmother's Flower Garden set with Institutional Green. Their other quilt was a white airplane set with vivid pink and blue 9-patch setting squares and pink and blue sashing. The wings of the planes were shorten from the original pattern. 

Marilyn Woodin shared an 1820 Brodere Perse Medallion- only the quilting held some the fabrics to the surface. A wonderful silk Tumbling Blocks-in good condition had pom-poms on the border, the name Edie embroidered on the quilt and a unique chenille strip was made into a flower in the center. Cathy Grafton brought Martha and George Washington wall hanging replicating a watercolor found in the Abbey Rockefeller Museum in Williamsburg, VA. 

Catherine Litwinow displayed an Eveline Foland Memory Quilt Bouquet quilt whose pattern was published in the Kansas City Star in 1930. A discussion of how many newspapers printed these patterns followed. 

Belle and Ann Hinkhouse wowed the group with their family treasures Belle Embroidered a quilt for her son using iron on transfer that were purchased for 10-15 cents and a 3 cent stamp. Mrs. Hinkhouse brought her Pine Tree Wedding quilt that was made by mother-in law Eva in Cedar County, IA in 1939. Christina Crowskey Copeland's (1804-1888 from Harrison Co. OH moving to IA in 1854) Check Board quilt still had its vibrant Cheddar. Elizabeth Bell Jennings Walton in 1936 purchased Peter Pan fabric at Wilton, IA store for her Lone Star all made from solids except for 2 prints. The Friend's Church of West Branch expertly quilted the quilt for 1 cent a yard. 

The what a quilt of the day went to the Hinkhouse's 1957 quilt that was copied from a quilt purchased at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Triangle biscuits were whipped stitched together. The edge is completed with green piping from which falls a double ruffle of the same polished fabric. The inner ruffle is gathered and reaches the floor. The outer layer droops from the piping one foot and is quilted in a diamond pattern. The bottom of this section is cut to form a gentle waving line and is hand hemmed. A history of the quilting by the Methodist Church of West Liberty written by Marjorie Marsteller (age 98) would fill another page. 

Marilyn Galley shared a multi-generation quilt with wonderful madders and orange paisley. Several pieces only contained warp fabrics. An 1880's multi-colored Sunburst had damaged brown fabrics; bridal tulle held the center down. A Poppy kit quilt with wood burn started the discussion of quilt care with "Vintage Soak" mentioned as a possible remedy. 

Following lunch the group toured the Quilt Museum's one woman display of quilts made by Pennie Horras, author of Sewing in Circles: Easy Machine Applique Quilts. The meeting ended with viewing signature quilts - circle of names-possible fundraiser. Family and friends quilt from NE, a wonderful mid 1800's Fleur de Lis madder quilt with stamped or inked names two Sunbonnet Sues and sit and sew group friendship quilts. 

Next meeting will be August 7, 2004 with antique quilt show and share in the morning and more signature quilt documentation in PM.

3-Lamb_-_Lee_Wards_-_Donna_Furrow.JPG (126221 bytes)

Lee Ward's Lamb Kit Quilt ($2.98 kit - 45 cents thread) 1964-65 for quiltmaker's son

Airplane_-_Carlson.JPG (172324 bytes)

Airplane Blocks with vivid pink and blue 9-patch setting squares and pink and blue sashing

3Auction_Find_-_Marilyn_Galley.jpg (256104 bytes)

Multi-generational quilt with wonderful madders and orange paisley.

4Barbs_Quilt.jpg (110405 bytes)

Flying Geese with some ghost blocks.

5Barbs_Quilt.jpg (308637 bytes)

Montana Block Quilt ( Pattern from Hearth and Homes Magazine Magazine)

6Carlie_Sexton_Pattern_-_Susan_Miller.jpg (116551 bytes)

Rose of Sharon - 4 Block Carlie Sexton Pattern

7Cat_Childs_Quilt.jpg (86697 bytes)

Family Quilt - Embroidered for quiltmaker's son using iron on transfer purchased for 10-15 cents and a 3 cent stamp

8Cathy_Grafton_Design.jpg (92842 bytes)

Martha and George Washington Wall Hanging replicating Watercolor found in the Abbey Rockefeller Museum in Williamsburg, VA. (Modern - work of art)

9Cathy_Litwinows_Quilt.jpg (150590 bytes)

Eveline Foland Memory Quilt Bouquet quilt whose pattern was published in the Kansas City Star in 1930.

10Chintz.jpg (245812 bytes)

Broderie Perse Medallion (early 19th century quilt)

11Hinkhouse_Quilt.jpg (156960 bytes)

Triangle Biscuits were whipped stitched together. Edge is completed with green piping from which falls a double ruffle of the same polished fabric.

Red_Signature_Quilt_-_Marilyn_Woodin.JPG (220642 bytes)

Signature quilt with stamped/inked names (19th Century Quilt)

13Sunbonnet_Sues_-_Cathy_Litwinow.jpg (203959 bytes)

Sunnbonnet Sue Signature Quilt

14Poppy_-_Marilyn_Galley.jpg (135329 bytes)

Poppy Quilt

15Marilyn_Woodin_Quilt.jpg (163425 bytes)

Silk Tumbling Blocks with pom-poms on the border and center flower.



16Marilyn_Woodin_Quilt.jpg (191379 bytes)

Close up of center flower


17Hinkenhouse_quilt_-_Cheddar.jpg (161499 bytes)

Checker-board quilt with Vibrant colors

18Donnas_Quilt_with_chin_guard.jpg (100262 bytes)

Stripy Embroidered Panels set with fleshy fabric of 2 different dye lots. Embroidered chin guard.

19Hinkenhouse_Quilt_-_Lone_Star.jpg (283367 bytes)

Lone Star Quilt - detailed quilting

20Hinkenhouse_Quilt_-_Tree.jpg (155969 bytes)

Pine Tree - Wedding quilt made by mother-in-law for young Iowa bride in 1939.


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